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Almost Human is a futuristic cop show, set in the year 2048, where the rate of technology being used to commit crimes are soaring out of police control. To combat it, they develop androids to work with human police officers, known as the MXs - logical and completely devoid of anything remotely human. John Kennex (played by Star Trek's Karl Urban) is a PTSD-suffering cop who has been reinstated in the force after a cop sting operation gone wrong and, after an unfortunate occurence with his first android partner, he is paired with an older version of the police android: a DRN called Dorian (FlashForward's Michael Ealy) who was designed be as human as possible.

This is an amazing show with so much potential. I adore the cast, the chemistry between the leads, the interesting side plots as well as the arching plotline of the season, the ingenuity of technology which bring to the foreground so many issues that can occur was we proceed into the future and the special effects that create these technologies. I have never been so excited to watch a show every week as much as I have been excited to watch Almost Human.

But apparently, it is in danger of being cancelled by Fox due to low ratings.

I do not wanted another Firefly situation. I adore this show and I think it deserves to be given a second and third season. Please, sign this petition, which will be sent to Fox so that they can see just how many people love this show and why it would be almost criminal for them to cancel it.


Letter to
FOX Broadcasting Company
I have signed a petition on, to express my support and love for the show Almost Human. This is a show that means a lot to me, which I continue to support even in times where it is possible considered that it may be cancelled.

I implore you to take into account my interest and commitment to this show as well as the others who will sign this petition and to realise that cancelling this show may be a big mistake.

I sincerely hope that I have helped to save this show.

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