Fortis Student Living: Take responsibility for putting our health and studies in danger

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We are students staying at the residence “Chronicle House” managed by Fortis Student Living* in Chester, England.

Since the beginning of the academic year, we’ve had to face numerous issues from which we will list only some:
            -A major flood of the first and second floor of the building;
            -Leaks in the corridors, gym and some bedrooms; 
            -No warm water for two weeks when the temperatures
             outside were under 0;
            -A fire in the gym caused by one of the heaters;
            -No heating in the common room;
            -Mould growing next to the beds in some studios.

A lot of the above and other individual issues such as broken mattresses or broken lamps have taken weeks and even months to be solved, which is not normal since it affected our health, capacity to study and personal wellbeing.

When we’ve complained about it, the responses we’ve received from Fortis Lettings and Management and Fortis Estate Management have been full of false statements and incomplete information. Now that they have seen that denying things happened, stating they’ve acted correctly and pointing at each other didn’t make us give up, they have stopped answering to our official complaints.

While working on the complaints, we found out through social media and reviews in Google that other student accommodations of Fortis are experiencing similar problems (Sovereign House in Sheffield, Maid Marian House and Minerva House in Nottingham, Central House in Glasgow, All Saints House in Sunderland): no hot water for long periods, permanently broken things, poor communication and responses from the management... even a mice infestation in Glasgow! This shows it’s not an isolated problem but the standard way of operating of Fortis Student Living.
Despite all of this they are still advertising the residences as "luxury student accommodations".

Having been to the Council, to the Citizens Advice Centre, contacted the Hazard Team and the PSU in look for help and advice, we are opening this petition to ask Fortis Student Living (and therefore Fortis Estate Management Ltd and Fortis Lettings and Management Ltd) to take responsibility and:

-Stop lying to the tenants about the happenings, Fortis’ responsibilities and competences;
-Compensate or refund the students for the months of disrepair in the common and individual areas;
-Stop using deceiving and false advertisement;
-Make a clear, effective and publically available complaint procedure which actually aims at helping students.

*Fortis Student Living is a joint venture of Fortis Estate Management Ltd and Fortis Lettings & Management Ltd.


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