Mazzoni Center CEO & Medical Director Must Resign and other demands!!

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Mazzoni Center CEO & Medical Director Must Resign and other demands!!

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Abdul-Aliy Muhammad started this petition to Former Employees/Current Employees & Community

Our Demands: Mazzoni Center

WE DECLARE AND AGREE that Mazzoni Center has created a culture and practice of violence including but not limited to:

Targeted policing and accountability for whistle-blowers, staff with critical feedback and staff that report racial bias and other forms of violence in the workplace

Increased or imbalanced supervision or monitoring of  vulnerable staff especially Black and Brown Trans-women, disabled staff and paraprofessional staff without the intent to develop staff’s skill-set or support

Inequity or imbalanced pay for front-line staff that do the most laborious work and are often burned out within months because of lack of support to help staff at difficult moments

WE DECLARE AND AGREE that a fund be developed out of Mazzoni Center’s non-restricted monies to support therapy and other infrastructure to help former and current staff that have had an increase in need for therapeutic care due to workplace violence.

WE DEMAND that the CEO of Mazzoni Center Nurit Shein resigns for the following reasons:

Nurit has a history of anti-Blackness most notably displayed in her reaction to the Public Hearing on Gayborhood Racism where Mazzoni Center was found to have a problem with systemic racism by saying “the findings are more anecdotal than systemic” which highlights how tone-deaf Nurit Shein is to the problem of racism and other oppressive practices at Mazzoni Center
Nurit reinforces a culture of selective accountability targeting Black and Brown staff for disciplinary actions, firings and intimidation while upholding, supporting and allowing senior staff to remain predatory and violent towards clients and staff
Nurit Shein has allowed and has uplifted retaliation as a the default mode of response to demands of accountability
Nurit Shein forges a culture and practice of a racialized hierarchy that disproportionately isolates and makes front-line staff that are Black and Brown unable to attain a more equitable position within the organization
Nurit Shein has failed at being affirming to Trans-identified staff and clients by changing the gender-neutral bathrooms to a bathroom for “women” and a bathroom for all other identities
Nurit Shein believes that Black and Brown staff have a criminality that informs how she targets staff and makes accusations into “evidence” without thoroughly investigating incidents:
We seek to problematize Mazzoni Center’s investigation processes further, by pointing out that  Nurit Shein determines how investigations unfold without clear policy which allows for implicit and overt bias towards Black and Brown staff

The Community & Black and Brown Workers Collective


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This petition had 107 supporters

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