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Find the truth of Chris Cornell's death - was it murder? Murder for hire?

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Chris Cornell was a world-renowned musician who affected millions of lives throughout his 30-year career.  He successfully fought depression and addiction and was an inspiration to all who heard his spectacular voice.  Suddenly he is found dead after a concert and his children, his friends, and his fans (who are legion) cannot live with the fact that he killed himself after years of clean living and total sobriety.  His wife and bodyguard seem to be the only people who immediately cried "relapse!" and didn't want the discrepancies in the timeline of his death to be explored and explained.

1.) What and when did the bodyguard Martin Kirsten do to Chris' computer?

2.) What time did the alleged phone conversations take place between Chris and his wife Vicky?

3.)  She has said he was, by turns, "fine", "angry", "not making sense", "not depressed", and/or "slurring his words."  What is the truth here?  She has changed her version of what happened many times, and was the first to pronounce him "relapsed" only hours after his death.

4.)  Who first found Chris' body? If it was in fact Martin Kirsten, why did he not begin CPR immediately? If he is a licensed Personal Protection Specialist, he should know exactly how to perform CPR correctly. How, then, did Chris receive no less than NINE broken ribs? That's excessive even for panicked, amateur CPR.

5.) Due to Chris' rooms being locked, and there being no adjoining room, only the person in the room with him knows what happened. Dr. Werner Spitz, Forensic Pathologist, said Chris had control of his airway during the "accident". If he died from hanging, why does his autopsy state his hyoid bone was intact?

6.) Martin Kirsten was quoted as saying there was blood running from Chris' mouth.  This is countered by information in the autopsy and found to be false.

7.)  Much has been made by Vicky of Chris "playing with the lights" remotely in their home with his phone. All phone records need to be checked to compare with Chris' stated time of death. Who blinked the lights? Was it a signal from the only person in Chris' room who could''ve overpowered him and caused his death?

All these discrepancies and changes in versions of the story of what happened to Chris in the last hour of his life need to be examined by homicide detectives. We will not rest until we know why this man was taken in the prime of his life.  It does not sound like a senseless accident, but rather, a matter of convenience to someone that he be done away with. Please help those of us who loved him.

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