Ford should cover partial cost of 3.5L timing chain

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Due to a bad design, the timing chain on 3.5L f-150's and possibly other engines, will stretch. Even after updating the parts, the timing chain still stretches and continues to be an issue for many owners.

It is obvious Ford did try to remedy the issue but the fact remains, they didn't fix the issue. Ford needs to absorb some of the cost for replacements. I would also like to remind me to please report vehicle issues to the NHTSA. Their website is As much as I would like for Ford to take this petition seriously, they most likely won't, but they will have to if you report issues to the NHTSA. 

I started this petition because I, myself, have the timing chain issue. Since I bought it used it was out of warranty and after contact Ford to try to get an extended service plan, I was denied. Being apart of 3 different ecoboost forums/groups, I have seen many people ask for a petition and complaints about how Ford has let them down. You start to question is it really "built Ford tough?"