Bring Back The Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

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The Ford Crown Victoria is arguably one of the best police vehicles ever produced in history. Sadly in September of 2011 Ford ended production of the vehicle an in 2016 the demolition of the St.Thomas Factory began. The St.Thomas factory is the plant that produced the Grand Marquis, Lincoln Town Car and the Ford Crown Victoria both civilian and police models. In the 1950’s when the Crown Victoria came out known as the Fairlane Victoria was a smashing hit. It was popular with police agencies because it was reliable and cheap fifty years later this holds true. Unfortunately not every cop car is like this. The new replacement vehicles are horrible. The Chargers are expensive, small and hard to maintain. The Caprice is a bit smaller, expensive to buy and not available to every law enforcement agency as it’s made in Australia. The Ford Taurus, supposed to the Crown Vic’s replacement is the worst. Unsafe, very small and uncomfortable it’s not a favourite with officers and a disappointment from many who loved the Crown Victoria and expected more. Alas there is a solution, I’ve been working on a new Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor design that fully complies with the 2017 NHSTA requirements. Let me briefly go over the main vehicles highlights several airbags located all over the vehicles, AWD standard for police interceptor models, touch screen display panel for interior this includes features like GPS, vehicles settings and radio and you can control by sliding with your finger tips. White headlights for enhanced brightness and visibility for the road. A fuel efficient engine available on the Taurus. Able to have options like bullet resistant windows or door panels for all windows and doors. There’s so much more but these are the main points. This would be good for everyone as it benefits everyone. Ford gets more money, cops get a more affordable and better patrol car and this vehicle would be made in Ford’s Chicago Plant so more jobs to the people. So that is why I am asking for you to sign this petition. Thanks and spread the message!