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On December 14th, 2011, a mother in labor was taken to the Christamariane Hospital in Kisii, Kenya. She endured 12 hours of labor under horror due to abuse by 9 nurses, midwives and staff. She was pushed, insulted, yelled at, even while the baby’s head was out. She was also pushed down from the bed. Having to fight to labor her baby and defend herself from her attackers, the mother was exhausted causing a longer, more laborious and complicated delivery which contributed to the difficulties the baby had breathing upon delivery. Immediately, this newborn needed oxygen and incubation. The incubator provided appeared stained, dirty and unsanitary and the lost the ability to receive oxygen when the power was lost for 45 minutes with no working back up generator.

The overall attendance and care for the baby by the nursing staff ranged from incompetent to neglectful. They fumbled and improperly handled life saving equipment, long periods of time (hours) went by in which baby was left unattended and there was complete disconnect in communication between the nurses and doctors. When questions were asked by parents, or requests made, the staff refused or ignored them. When the parents a referral or transfer to another hospital was denied. These actions and lack thereof directly affected the death of this child Mary Nadra who died midnight Dec 18th.

When the father of the child attempted to find out cause of death, get answers and consolation from hospital administrators, local priest or even the bishop, he was ignored or given the run around. When he sought to bring this to the attention to the various leaders active in the Pro-Life Movement around the world, no one responded.

Letter to
Priest in charge Kisii Town Parish Fr.Jeremiah Amenya Nyakundi
St Francis' Generalate Asumbi Superior General, Franciscan Sisters of St Joseph,
Human Life International, Kenya Pro.Raphael Charles Wanjohi
and 2 others
The Pope His holiness pope, Pope Benedict xvi,
Bishop of the Diocese of Kisii Bishop Joseph Mairura Okemwa
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Pope, The Bishop, other Local Church Authority & ProLife Ministry.

The Catholic Church teachings state that “The Gospel of Life is at the heart of Jesus' message” which is “The incomparable worth of the human person” and that ALL life is precious and should be valued.

I am signing this petition in full desire and support of the Geoffrey Family.

I am signing this petition because Mary Nadra Nyamsiaboa Simba’s life was of incomparable worth, precious and valued but there are those in position of authority and expertise who could have saved her or at least could have expressed remorse and vowed changes in the system that failed to save her.

We demand the following, not because it will bring back Mary Nadra but because it may prevent some other baby from dying:

1) Meetings with the Bishop, Leaders Pro-Life organizations with the family of Mary Nadra Nyansiaboka Simba to hear the story of what happened, to offer consolation and to understand how this disrespect for MaryNadra’s life contributes to the disrespect of ALL life, perpetuating the culture of death that is so prevalent, not only in Kenyan society, but the global society.

2) To have the exact cause of baby’s death determined

3) For Catholic Hospitals and Clinics to create & implement new processes and procedures for safer & supportive birthing as well as for newborns that would include medical transport to other hospital, if necessary. This would include new training, new guidelines and new support & follow up systems to ensure that staff and administrators are all following properly.

4) Guarantee that all life saving medications and equipment are available, that they are used in safe & effective ways by properly trained professionals and that all equipment is sanitary, working effectively and have power sources for them. This would include having working back up generators on hand. Implement and conduct mandatory attendance & follow up attendance with babies in their care

We demand these things NOT because it will bring Mary Nadra back to this world but so that no other woman ever again has to endure such a horrifying and traumatic birth which attributed to the complications that beautiful and healthy Mary Nadra encountered upon entering this world.

We demand this so that no other family has to lose their baby due to this abuse and the neglect of the life-saving medical attention she deserved from the doctors, nurses, staff and members of this, or any other, Catholic institution who were meant to save lives and uphold the incomparable worth of the human person.

We demand these things because when the family came to you for help in sorting all of this, Bishops, Priest, Administrators and other leaders, looked the other way by either never responding or making appointments that were never kept.

We demand this because ALL people and ALL life should have been respected and protected.

We demand this so that The Gospel of Life continue to be fostered by those who vow to do so.

Thank you for your time, attention, faithfulness and love in action.


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