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For the Sake of Mary Nadra

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On December 14th, 2011, a mother in labor was taken to the Christamariane Hospital in Kisii, Kenya. She endured 12 hours of labor under horror due to abuse by 9 nurses, midwives and staff. She was pushed, insulted, yelled at, even while the baby’s head was out. She was also pushed down from the bed. Having to fight to labor her baby and defend herself from her attackers, the mother was exhausted causing a longer, more laborious and complicated delivery which contributed to the difficulties the baby had breathing upon delivery. Immediately, this newborn needed oxygen and incubation. The incubator provided appeared stained, dirty and unsanitary and the lost the ability to receive oxygen when the power was lost for 45 minutes with no working back up generator.

The overall attendance and care for the baby by the nursing staff ranged from incompetent to neglectful. They fumbled and improperly handled life saving equipment, long periods of time (hours) went by in which baby was left unattended and there was complete disconnect in communication between the nurses and doctors. When questions were asked by parents, or requests made, the staff refused or ignored them. When the parents a referral or transfer to another hospital was denied. These actions and lack thereof directly affected the death of this child Mary Nadra who died midnight Dec 18th.

When the father of the child attempted to find out cause of death, get answers and consolation from hospital administrators, local priest or even the bishop, he was ignored or given the run around. When he sought to bring this to the attention to the various leaders active in the Pro-Life Movement around the world, no one responded.

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