For a better strategy than sorry for Inconvenience or Fatality Storm water drain Project

For a better strategy than sorry for Inconvenience or Fatality Storm water drain Project

11 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sriram Raagavan

Problem Statement:

Storm Water drain project is work in progress in and around the villages Nookampalayam, Perumbakkam, Semmanchery and Thazhambur. This has led the road closures and accessibility to the residents from these villages to the schools and workplace is increasingly becoming difficult.

Impact to the Society:

There are at least ten and thousands of families living in this area and their primary route for commute to school and work is completely blocked and the road conditions of the alternate route (detour) is broken with lot of pit holes and debris filled are prone for accidents and traffic jams.

Children are not able to attend school on time how much ever early they start, and other working professionals are late to their workplace.

There is an increased probability of road rage, fatal accidents, stress in everyday commute, 

Root Cause:

The alternate roads are not in good usable condition. Poor planning by the authorities has led to this situation and there is no proper road traffic regulation to ensure safe passage.

Recommended Remedial Action:

Declare 7:45 AM to 9:45 AM as morning Peak hours on Weekdays.
Enable "NO ENTRY" to water tankers and heavy vehicles during the peak hours on week days in and around DLF Garden City, Bollineni Hillside, TNSCB Perumbakkam and Semmanchery, Tsunami Colony and the layout where HLC School is located.
Enable "ONE WAY" to the Two Wheelers and Cars to access the road from Bollineni Hillside to the connecting road near the Cemetery to connect TNSCB Colony Perumbakkam.
Enable "NO ENTRY" for School Buses and Private Vans except BVM School Buses to use this road to connect from Bollineni to Semmanchery.
Lay a proper road connecting the Bollineni Hillside and TNSCB Perumbakkam (road adjacent to cremation ground) over the weekend on war foot basis. 
Improve the road condition inside the TNSCB Colony at Perumbakkam for ease of commute by fixing the potholes and not to dumb debris.
Appoint Traffic Police personnel in all critical junctions during the peak hours to regulate the traffic. Engage the Scouts, NCC pupil from schools nearby and local volunteers.

Call for Action:

Be the change you want to see and sign this petition
Spread the word to have more residents and people impacted due to this project work to have them sign this petition.
Post Signatures, this petition will be shared with relevant govt. authorities requesting immediate intervention and action.

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Signatures: 1,144Next Goal: 1,500
Support now