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prevent Dayanand Bandodkar football ground Campal Panjim organising commercial activities

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I'm a football lover from Panjim Campal st-Inez Panjim Goa there is a Dayanand foot ball ground at Campal next to Millitary hospital Campal Panjim. There was a DB football stadium was present. But Manohar Parrikar govt demolishes it. The place is still notified as ground and it also comes in radius of in notified silence zone notification is Goa gazzeet no23/16/83/(3)MAG/1784. Now govt is organising comercial activities on this ground which promotes Alchol. & foreign culture and ground is occupied for months for pandals etc after the events over nails, broken bottles causes casualties to the football player's also youth is diverted toward Alchol addiction in stead of playing sports

NGT( wz) Pune also gave direction to absorb Dry day on 26th January 2015 on this ground to stop Alchol promotion activities wine festival On this ground still activities continue instead of playing me and my coulige approach govt Goa, governor Goa, finally approach President of India P2/D/2306160085 ft:23 June 2016 and the direction were given to erecting silence zone 200radius sources says Mr Parrikar is pressuring govt authority not to implement silence zone. But take part in noise generating amplified music & fire work are played on this ground in blessing of Ex-Defence minister this activities show Mr Manohar parrikar has lack of decipline Towards Indian defence In Millitary hospital wounded soldiers who take treatment in defence hospital at Campal for faster recovery of there health to report back to work to serve mother India now this noice poluttion harres the soildures and near. By residents.where I live  Suprizingly defence officer also. Being bought on record to stop this noice violation but the commandant negeligence about his own couliges health and respect toward their fastest recovery of health create doubt in our mind status of service about Indian defence who we trust and belive

Now we appeal to all citizens of India  to come forward and join the movement to request stop plying amplified music and comercial activities on this ground and violating noise pollution air polllution And request Government to erecting two football goal post so new youth can play football instead of getting diverted toward Alchol addiction in our previous letters we already approach governement but we are in person not an NGO so goverment did not act. If you all come forward and support us we can save football ground for next generation so they keep good health please your& family/ friends support is must counted 

laar althino ground was converted in to parking space for high court

nevgiground Mala destroys 

Pda ground Mala destroyed

parade ground used as a garbage dump yard 

this will bring in to notice of Panjim citizens MLA destroyed Panjim sports activities whom they elect for 25 years  there is no more goverment notified football ground left with out people's concerned where our feature generation will play

casino is not Goan sport 

football is named as Goa state Game

please don't ignore some one will prevent you your self can support bring this into notice and stop it prevent ground for feature generation

or feature generation will play football only on their PlayStation or on mobile screen

thanking you

Sanjay Dattatray Sarmalker 

football lover from Panjim   00919890806287

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