Food packaging reduction

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Our waste is food packaging. All around the world, people are constantly packaging food in all types of things from foil to Styrofoam.

What is Glad Wrap and Foil? Glad Wrap is a thin transparent plastic film that adheres to surfaces and to its itself, used as wrapping or for covering food. And Foil? Its a metal hammered or rolled into a thin flexible sheet, used chiefly for covering or wrapping food. To similar things, for the same purpose. So what’s the problem?

Aluminum foil is even more wasteful than plastic wrap by nearly every metric. Some metrics are:

- fossil fuel consumption,
- aquatic toxicity
- and greenhouse gas emissions
But using plastic wrap instead is hardly an ideal solution. For one thing, plastic wrap isn't reusable—at least aluminum foil is, to a certain degree.
These plastic and metal - based materials are going to landfill and landfill is not sustainable. We are also throwing these into our precious Australian beaches and killing most of our beautiful sea life.

If everything keeps going to landfill over and over again, then landfill will need more space, more space and space until the whole Earth will be covered in waste and rubbish until the whole world is a giant rubbish bin.

It gets worse. All the animals will be dead. Either choking on plastic or losing their habitat.

We, Spoil the foil, want to make a change and put a stop to this!


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