Add warning labels on products with xylitol

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Due to the high number of people on low carb/sugar-free diets as well as the increase of diabetes, heart disease and obesity in the nation, many companies are using the artificial sweetener xylitol in their foods.  Xylitol has been proven to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities as well so it's in products like chewing gum, mints, toothpaste, etc. 

However good this sweetener is for humans, it is extremely toxic to our beloved pets.  Not everyone knows the dangers of this substance and sadly, our pets are suffering a horrible death due to this deadly ingredient being put in foods without our knowledge.  We understand that there is an ingredient label, but what we really need is a warning label similar to those found on tobacco products.  Please consider it!  Please make all products that contain xylitol list this warning on their labels!