Ban cooking live animals UK

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Primarily sea food, crustaceans: crabs, lobsters, shrimp, prawns and shell fish (molluscs): clams, muscles, oysters, scallops & Octopus & Squid, are COOKED ALIVE. They feel pain. Studies have shown how Octopuses have a real intelligence, profound emotions and can form relationships with even humans. 

Lobsters and crabs try in futility to escape boiling water. Lobsters are commonly kept live, starving, pincers bound, in tanks waiting to be chosen to be cooked alive. While bivalves seal themselves into their shells for survival but are steamed or boiled to death, releasing their grip on their life as their shells open with death. Oysters, prized open and chewed.....alive.    

IT'S SIMPLY WRONG and BARBARIC   Please help to stop it. Sign this petition to Defra in the UK.