Stop using plastic straws in restaurants in the US and around the globe!

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More than 500 million plastic straws are used everyday in the US.

Wonder where the plastic straws go after they are thrown away? Plastic straws are light-weight and very small. You probably have seen a lot of them near beaches! Plastic straws contribute to a very small portion of all plastic wastes but because of their size, they sometimes happen to be eaten by marine animals… Sometimes they are entangled in the animals' body too... Poor animals! Worst is that plastics trap toxins, and guess what... when eaten by marine animals these toxins find their way into OUR FOOD CHAIN as well.

This petition is to ask the United States Food & Drug administration to require restaurants and all food providers in the US to replace plastic straws with paper ones.

(Photo is screen-shotted from "Sea Turtle with Straw up its Nostril - "NO" TO PLASTIC STRAWS" on Youtube. )