STOP the WEAPONIZATION of the PDMD against Painful Disease Patients In the United States!!

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I am writing to all for help as a very concerned medical patient with an extremely painful, chronic visceral disease. I have learned that Appriss NarxCare prescription drug monitoring system is in place at Walmart Pharmacy and a plethora of other pharmacies and physician offices nationwide.  This is an extreme and distressing violation of privacy, not to mention HIPAA!! Furthermore, this system is extremely insulting.  Let me explain. This system is way beyond a simple “see if patient A is getting scripts from multiple docs BCD at pharmacies EFG.” That is NOT what THIS system is in place for, sadly. Please read on to see the true intent behind this “care”.

I find it almost too much to fathom that a computer algorithm is telling a doctor or pharmacist whether or not “I” am a drug addict, in “danger” of becoming a drug addict, “need” my medication, or “need” rehab.  How horribly offensive!! How else could any patient interpret the following (advertising) article regarding the Appriss system other than previous described?

Does the algorithm have the slightest way of factoring in a patient’s life, conditions, feelings, sleep patterns or habits, injuries, failed surgeries, family history-chronic and acute- the list goes on and on and on…. I am in utter shock that this system has been slid into place with not one hearing. One open forum. One vote by the commonwealths of the state’s involved. It has been slammed in place and being currently used on innocent American patients without their knowledge or consent!! This needs to be stopped, immediately!

​The PDMD tracking system is intrusive enough, as flawed as it is. A patient can see many doctors in a multi doctor practice as a receptionist schedules them, and in the PDMD appear to look like a doctor shopper or a drug seeker simply based on how the information is displayed, when the reality is the furthest from it!! Patients DO NOT GET the benefit of “innocent until proven guilty” in the court of medicine. Why a simple law to compel pharmacists to only enter the exact prescriber’s name into the PDMD every time for a prescription would fix this easily and cost zero dollars to implement. Why hasn’t it??

Why are criminals and felons awarded more privacy and advocacy than law abiding medical patients who have the absolute misfortune of having a painful disease?

​We expect prompt action to be taken regarding this gross violation of our privacy and insulting presumption of our “medical habits” due to a computer program, a mere machine. All patients who are unfortunate enough to have a life giving need for prescribed pain medication and other scheduled medications should not be judged or persecuted/ have  presumptions made by a mathematical formula!! A formula working with a small fraction of the vital information it needs, at that!!

We are highly insulted.  Do alcoholics get treated as such at their hepatic doctor appointments? Do the obese have to be tracked for every bite of food they take? If this practice stands, I expect legislation tracking alcoholics, smokers and the obese, too, with stiff penalties for their missteps. I expect most of Congress to be tracked if that is the case. Especially being “profiled” as potential “problem patients”,  addicts and “cutoff” from their so-called substances of choice, while being offered rehabs and weightloss camps.  

How dare you? This would never fly if it were a minority group!! How dare you do this to painful disease patients who suffer tremendously and only want pain relief?!? This is truly diabolical and evil. What is the point of a $100,000+ education for a medical doctor, and all their training in patient care, observation, testing, and examination, if they are instructed to simply press a button and follow a formula to treat a patient? Are doctors not allowed to use their education anymore? What is going on here??!

​Do you now see how utterly ridiculous this is? Please take action on this with your collegues today. Leavethe simple PDMD in place and stop this horrendous profiling program immediately. The Pharmacy bill, H.R.4275 - Empowering Pharmacists in the Fight Against Opioid Abuse Act—being ramrodded through Congress, should be stricken and removed as well. Pharmacists already call physicians to verify questionable prescriptions. They need no further “powers”. They are not licensed to practice medicine. They are licensed to dispense medication. Does anyone on Capitol Hill read these pieces of legislation??!

Has the world turned upside down due to the false, flawed info the CDC admits itself was grossly inflated and wrong? Please do the only right thing and return to the correct practice of medicine and medication dispensing. Please rein in this outrageous info grabbing and assumption making software and file it in the trash where it belongs.

thank you.

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