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Bring Justice to Animals: Expose Brands That Lie About Animal Testing

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            Perhaps you’ve looked at one of your cosmetic products before and turned it over to see a variation of a rabbit and wondered, what does that mean? To some, that symbol is an indicator of compassion and a protector against participation in abuse. There are three symbols that you may have seen before that are synonymous with one another: The Leaping Bunny given by CCIC & BUAV, The Caring Consumer bunny given by PETA and The CCF Rabbit given by Choose Cruelty-Free. These three symbols indicate that a brand does not test their products on animals. The process of testing on animals is one that is cruel and absolutely inhumane. The animals usually scream out of pain and the testing commonly results in death or severe wounds. These innocent animals are bred for a life full of pain and endless suffering. They’re kept in horrible conditions and have to endure painful chemicals all over their body, including needles in their eyes in some scenarios. Some people, like myself, have chosen to live a life that is cruelty-free which entails avoiding brands that sell in China, because China requires animal testing by law, or avoiding brands that simply continue to test on animals because it’s cheaper and easier for them to make money off of abuse. However, this becomes difficult when brands start to lie about the status of their testing. For example, a brand that has been deceiving their buyers by false advertisement is Bath and Body Works. I was beyond disheartened to know that Bath and Body Works, a brand I had been using for years because I was under the impression that they “did not test on animals” as advertised on their bottle, does indeed buy their ingredients from a third party company that has not given a statement as to whether or not they test on animals, which most likely means that they do since they would rather remain silent. Some companies try to deceive their buyers by printing something along the lines of “not testing on animals” on their products. However, this means little to nothing. At its core it means that the final product is not tested on animals, however that does not indicate anything about the process prior to obtaining the final product. So although Bath and Body Works does not test their final product on animals, they still support a company that does. Therefore, they themselves cannot be considered cruelty-free because their products contain ingredients that have caused suffering and pain for innocent animals.

            I propose that in order for a company to be able to advertise anything about their treatment towards animals on any of their products, they must get the certification from either CCIC & BUAV, PETA or The CCF. This means that cosmetic companies will no longer be able to print anything along the lines of "not tested on animals" on their products; they will need to meet the standards of one of the three organizations listed above so that they may be granted the use of one of their cruelty-free logos. Otherwise, there is no way for a customer to be certain that they're not supporting a cruel brand, since there are so many brands that try to claim they’re something they’re not: cruelty-free. As someone who proudly leads a cruelty-free life, I want to be confident in the brands I buy from because I don’t ever want to support a brand that is willing to abuse animals for their own benefit. Please use your voice for those who don’t have the ability to defend themselves because if we don’t speak up for animals, then nobody will and they will continue to suffer. Stand against animal testing and false advertisement!

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