STOP Filshie Clips

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This petition is to give all of the women that have had Filshie Clips inserted and had complications with them a voice so they can be heard and so we can raise awareness of how dangerous these medical devices really are. They need to be recalled and banned. Some women have had doctors put these in and them not find out until many years later and they did not give consent for the surgery to be done. They migrate to other parts of the body than where they are supposed to be, they cause headaches, severe pelvic pain and very heavy bleeding, pinching and stabbing sensations, they cause damage to the fallopian tubes and kill the nerves in them, they can result in Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome, and many other side effects/symptoms. Please sign this petition to help bring these issues to the attention of the FDA so they can recall them and bring relief to these women and end their suffering. I care and want to see this goal met because I had the Filshie Clips for 3 1/2 long years with no issues and symptoms before they were put in, I just had to have a partial hysterectomy and have mine removed and I am now symptom free and have none of the symptoms anymore. I suffered for those 3 1/2 years and I tried to tell my doctor about the complications and she didn't listen and turned a blind eye to it saying there are no complications. Please stand up and be our voice and help us end this horrible medical device and all of the pain and suffering involved.

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