Change the AB Miller Rebel Mascot

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AB Miller’s current mascot, the “Rebel” is racist and rooted in Confederate mythology which has no place on our campus.  When the school opened almost thirty years ago, the student body voted on what their school mascot would be, I know that many voted for the Rebel because they saw him as a sign of being rebellious, and in fact had no knowledge of what they were actually voting for.  Our mascot is an exact replica of the one UNLV uses, and earlier this week UNLV made the conscious decision to remove it from their campus.  IT IS NOW TIME FOR US TO DO THE SAME!

Here is a little history (from David Morris’s petition to change the UNLV mascot):  “The mascot, originally named "Beauregard" after the Confederate general who fired the first shots of the Civil War, presents a public image that runs counter to our core values and UNLV's mission to become the leading multicultural university in the United States. Having a mascot that is inextricably connected to a failed regime whose single aim was to preserve the institution of slavery is an embarrassment to our campus and to our community.”

It is time for us to have a mascot that truly represents us all! What better time than now to make a change that supports the school board’s “COMMITMENT AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY AND INEQUALITY“  which states, “any act of racism must be condemned by the greater community and particularly those in a leadership role and in positions of influence in our society” and “BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED AND ORDERED That the Board hereby declares that the District recognizes the immense contributions made by African American individuals and affirms a commitment to foster a culture in which all members of the African American community (1) feel safe, respected and valued; (2) are invited to participate fully, sharing their unique gifts, 3 talents and backgrounds; (3) increasingly recognize the value of perspectives that differ from their own; and (4) understand that diversity and inclusion are key priorities of the District.”

We, the undersigned, demand that FUSD holds a community-wide vote as soon as possible to select a new mascot that better represents our community and our school.

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