Lee Jong Hyun Withdraw from CNBLUE

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Lee Jong Hyun has forgotten his duties as a public figure, a CNBLUE member, a singer, and as a person, has caused public criticism, and has tarnished the images of CNBLUE and FNC Entertainment.

He was revealed as a member of a controversial 1:1 chatroom and he forgot his duties as a public figure when he continued such acts like saying remarks that objectify women without any restraint. He is consistently being silent without giving a genuine apology or self-reflecting. While the argument regarding the illegality of Lee Jong Hyun’s actions will be revealed through the police investigation, we cannot accept and be consumers of Lee Jong Hyun’s activities considering the social perceptions of sexual assault and the fact that the majority of the fandom is comprised of females.

We strongly demand that Lee Jong Hyun be removed, not suspended, from the group