Protect Our Florida Water Pledge to go fertilizer free

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Make the pledge to go fertilizer free

In the Summer of 2018 waters in and around Florida have entered into a state of crisis. We are encountering the worst red tide on record, toxic algae blooms in our rivers and massive fish kills on both coasts.This environmental catastrophe is a threat to our health, our wildlife, our property values and our economy. Beautiful beaches and pristine rivers are a major part of our way of life here in the Sunshine State.

Make no mistake, policies and government have to be part of the solution but there is something we can do ourselves right now.

What can I do? Fortunately there is a change you can commit to today. This pledge is simple, easy and free. STOP APPLYING FERTILIZER TO YOUR LANDSCAPE! Convince your neighbors to stop. Tell your landscaping company to stop. Bring it up at an HOA meeting. Petition your community to stop.

Nutrient rich runoff is deteriorating the health of our rivers, estuaries and coastal areas. Fertilizers contain nitrogen and phosphate that eventually make their way into our waterways, especially during raining season. These nutrients will feed any algae they encounter and can turn a seasonally occurring, natural bloom or a few harmless patches into the kind of devastating catastrophe we are living with today.   

What about Agriculture? Obviously agriculture in our State is a major contributor to the problem of nutrient rich runoff. Big Agriculture needs to come together with lawmakers and find a clean solution but I want something I can do today to help alleviate this mess.

Make it beautiful but keep it clean. There are so many easy (and cheap!) ways to keep your yard healthy and beautiful. Did you know that often times just keeping the lawn clippings on your lawn after you've mowed will feed it sufficiently and will eliminate the need for extra fertilizer?  Look into suitable ground covers to replace your lawn in areas you don't need it. Find out about Florida friendly landscapes from your local University of Florida Extension.  Or simply do nothing and live with an imperfect lawn, knowing you are doing your part in restoring and protecting our Florida Water.

Again, this is easy, free and will have a big impact on all of us. Please sign this pledge that as a Floridian, I agree to do my part in keeping fertilizers out of our waterways. Lets show our government that we are all ready to do everything we can to keep Florida waters clean!