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Stop the Sell of Shark Fins in Florida

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Earlier this year, a Florida Senate bill was amended to weaken the already existing finning ban on sharks making the trade and selling easier.

When sharks are finned, their dorsal and other fins are cut off, often times while they are still alive. After they are finned, fishermen throw the rest of the shark back into the water and, unable to swim, the sharks sink to the ocean floor to be eaten alive by other fish. Any shark is taken, regardless of size, age, or species, and an average of 100 million sharks are killed for their fins annually.

Due to the large environmental impact of finning, the most shark populations are expected to become extinct within a decade. Due to the massive number of sharks killed each year, the reproductive system of these fish cannot reproduce fast enough to meet the dying population. A shark bears around 1-50 pups a year and almost half of them will be picked up in long lines in the first years of their lives. This killing results in an unstable marine ecosystem and can sometimes have catastrophic events with in the ecosystem.

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