Stop for-profit ticket resales

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Since 2006 Florida has allowed ticket re-sellers to control the market for popular event and concert tickets. Prior to the passage of Florida Statute 817.36, it was illegal to re-sell tickets for anything higher than $1 above face value. Yes scalping was common before the new law, but at least the consumer had a chance to negotiate prices with the re-seller. 

Now, fans looking for tickets are outplayed by tech savvy middlemen and an army of bots that bombard the ticketing website the moment they go on sale. "Sold out" events are now artificially created by greedy re-sellers who gobble up as many tickets as possible and then list them for sale at a 200-500% markup within seconds. All of this predatory traffic slows the ticket website to a crawl and decreases your chance of finding tickets even further.

Fans are forced to pay for the original ticket, the original ticket sellers fees, original delivery fees, the re-sellers mark up, the re-seller website fees, and then the new delivery fees. 

When it comes to big events and concerts, the consumer doesn't have much choice to shop around. Original ticket sales are only handled by a few companies, making them easy targets for coordinated buys that slurp up a large portion of the tickets available for public purchase. Once the fan gets crowded out of that initial sale, they have no choice but to turn to ticket re-sellers.

No law can stop ticket re-sales or scalping. But there is a very simple solution to curb the epidemic that is occurring now: Prohibit the sale of tickets for anything higher than $1 above the original purchase price. Unfortunately major ticket re-selling companies have spent millions lobbying our lawmakers to relax the regulations that prevent them from gouging fans. We must counter that with our voices.

Tell the lawmakers in Tallahassee we won't be ripped off any more!