Change the Silver Alert Law in the State of Florida

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 The state of Florida is, always has, and always will be the retirement state of the United States. Seniors retire to the state of Florida to live out the rest of their lives in peace and happiness and should feel that they could do that and be safe and protected by the laws as well as law-enforcement in their state.  My mother-in-law was last seen two weeks ago in Vero Beach Florida. She has dementia and was walking through a plaza by herself. The fact that the last time she was seen walking, the Indian River County Sherrifs Department said the law states that only a 1.5 mile radius  would be searched and investigated because she wasn’t in a vehicle. The video surveillance does not show that she even made it to highway U.S. 1. It is led to believe that she had gotten in a car with someone for a ride or someone had taken her. My family and I have searched through the entire county of Indian River, the city of Sebastian, Port St. Lucie, the surrounding Treasure coast beaches and city of Fort Pierce. We also searched Jensen Beach and some areas in Stuart. We have Done  several ground searches and have been calling hospitals and rehab’s out of the area in our attempts to locate her. To date, local law-enforcement has not been searching statewide and the majority of other counties are not even aware that she is missing. This has been a devastation for our family for we cannot find our loved one. The Silver alert law needs to be changed! No matter how a senior is missing whether it’s by foot, car, or any form of transportation. A silver alert needs to be broadcast throughout the entire state of Florida regardless of how they were last seen to be traveling. Furthermore, all hospital security staff should be notified and a photo of the missing person should be uploaded to these institutions. An immediate fax should be sent to each and every shelter, skilled nursing rehab and mental health institutions.  The state of Florida with all of our seniors citizens as well as the majority of middle-class workers in the state of Florida are involved in someway with healthcare. Please join me and help me to get this petition signed to be presented to the governor and to the State Senate of Florida to get the silver alert law changed as it is too narrow. Because of the current format of the Silver alert law, the law and its  enforcement procedure has let us down. We are searching daily and will continue to search for our loved one. Seniors that have been missing and found in other states have been found 5 to 6 hours out of their area months and sometimes even years later.  The change with this new law would better help us find our seniors and bring awareness to people that do not live in the surrounding counties where a senior citizen has gone missing. The Silver alert should be a broad, expansive, state wide search that focuses more on the individual by spreading awareness as quick as possible, and not limiting the search area of a mile-and-a half because of the mode of transportation one may have used when they went missing.