Stop unlicensed backyard gun ranges!

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Unlicensed backyard gun ranges are a danger to both society and the environment at large. The noise pollution created from these residential gun ranges are egregious, and the copious amounts of led released into the environment is toxic. This is a price too high to pay simply because certain card carrying NRA members don't want to go to a commercial gun range. In the State of Florida we have already had several citizens including children struck or nearly struck by stray bullets. Not one individual from these gun ranges has been held accountable for their negligence. This must stop, and it's not too much to ask for these gun enthusiasts to commute to a commercial gun range designated and regulated by the State of Florida. This would be safer because at this point we cannot ensure felons are not target shooting at these properties either. Help end this insanity and get gun ranges out of residential areas in Florida.