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Release Kenneth Young From Prison

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Kenneth Young received four life sentences for armed robberies he committed in 2000 when he was 14 and 15 years old.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that juveniles can't be given life sentences unless they murder.

In 2011, after having served 11 years, his case went before a judge for re-sentencing and instead of being released, he was sentenced to 30 years. 

Young was raised in a very low income neighborhood by a drug-addict mother who admitted to leaving her young son for days at a time, alone while she got high.

He wasn't raised with the equipment to succeed, but instead of taking this 11-years and wasting them, he focused and rehabilitated himself. 

At 26 years old, an adult who can now see the effects of his actions, he needs to be released. 

Excerpt from (

"He's not the same person today," his attorney, Paolo Annino, said Wednesday.

Annino portrayed Young as a gullible kid 11 years ago, who believed his accomplice — a 24-year-old crack dealer named Jacques Bethea — would harm his mother if he didn't join in the robberies.

Since going to prison, Young has been in trouble only once — for not making his bed. "He wants to be a barber," Annino said. "He wants to take his mother to church on Sunday."

As two of his victims listened, Young read a statement, saying, "I am not a monster. I take full responsibility. I want to apologize."



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