Drug dealer eviction program / nuisance law

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We all live in a place others call vacation with beautiful sunsets and lots of sunshine which is amazing but we also live with drug dens on almost every street ... recently on my own street myself and my neighbors have been battling a drug den adjacent to my property.... a little back story is my 13 year old daughter was propositioned as a prostitute by a man asking if she was Becky from backpage and when I started yelling he pulled out and into next door the lady said I'm Becky and got in ... I went on backpage and found the illicit ads for prostitution... every since then we as a community have called the local law enforcement, city and county codes enforcement, epa, state health department... as a result the property that was covered in trash was cleaned and a raid was done that was February 23 ... now it's a few weeks later they are back some with dropped charges and the traffic and people are worse than before and my kids still can't go outside in their own yard that I have owned for 13 years due to the nature of the safety. .. I have looked into other states they have programs to remove such people as a nuisance to the neighborhood... I feel that the neighborhood should have a say we pay the taxes we clean the trash out the street we live in the neighborhood there should be a law that declares repeat drug activities in the same location as a nuisance and condemn and or seize the property this way there are more repercussions and they will think twice about starting up in the same spot ... yes we do have neighborhood watch but that's all we can do watch and report which we are doing a ton of but once we get them out they get to come back so it's all that hard work for basically nothing... please sign and support this it will get to the right people and maybe we can get something done to keep the drugs from living next door without consequence ... many of other families here in florida share the pain I go through everyday that my kids have to see the things they do over there that I have to stay home all the time or worry about my property to the point I go home even with my dogs and cameras it's not safe until they are gone ... with a way to evict or remove them everyone could sleep sound knowing they are safe ... this is one of many out cries I am making I will take all actions I can to get to a better safer street and neighborhood for my children myself and everyone else if I can ... I have tons of pictures and videos posted on Facebook via the group "the soap box" it only allowed me to post one picture... so I took a few of the posted ones and made one picture ... also videos of the raid the county clean up ect. can be found in the Facebook group... the problem is we clear them out and they can come right back which is exactly what's happening to my neighborhood we need a way to stop them from returning if they are going to run a drug den... Thank You for reading all of this please sign in support of this cause it could help so many not just myself or my neighborhood the entire state could benefit 

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