Extend No Wake Zone by approx 200 yards

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We are asking that the “No Wake” zone located near the Fort Island public boat ramp be extended to the East, towards the river by approximately  200 yards. There are several reasons for this request:

1.  MANATEES -  There are several wildlife species located around the docks and shore near River Cove Landings and the public boat ramp.  These include Alligators as well as Manatees, which were reclassified from endangered to threatened in 2017 .  Everyone would like to keep this trend going !

2. PUBLIC SAFETY is a MAJOR issue.

·         Boats are headed out of the canal adjacent to the Ft Island Trail public boat ramp into the wake zone, meanwhile, boats from the river headed to the gulf are going full speed ahead. This is especially dangerous during the summer months and scallop season. This can become a very congested area. There have been to many close calls in this area because of the speed of boats in the open river and the boats coming out of the canal at an angle trying to get up on a plane before slowing down for the no wake zone.    This issue could be alleviated if the No Wake zone was extended



        The floating dock and boat slips located in front of the River Cove Landings are dangerous due to the wake caused by passing boaters. This is a cause for safety concern as well as a concern for damage to mooring boats and jet skis. This makes the dock and boat slips, for the most part, unusable.

      Boats cause Wakes that force docked boats on the North side of the dock to projects forward. This is area for safety concern while people are on the dock getting on or off their boat.


By extending the No wake zone , the area would be safer for wildlife , nature and human life.   By extending the wake zone only 200 yards there would be little to no negative effect on commercial boats or recreational boaters, in fact it could save lives and accidents.

Thank you ,

Concerned residents of Citrus County