Auto Club of Maimi DOES NOT care about animals

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"Tying dogs to fences to face injury at best and death at worst. The lack of integrity displayed by employees is now on display for the world to see. That same lack of integrity can be applied to your business dealings. Anyone who does business with this establishment in the future has been fair warned. I wouldn't trust you with a pet rock let alone trust you to sell me a quality product at a fair price. I hope you are criminally charged and brought to justice for your blatant neglect and lack of compassion and empathy toward living, loyal beings that you depend on to safe guard your inventory yet at their time of need you simply abandon them and not just abandon them but tether them leaving them with absolutely no chance of survival. Shame on you! #Irma #Miami #AutoClubOfMiami #NoAnimalLeftBehind" -Adria Castro (via Facebook)

Auto Club of Maimi (10220 NW 27th Ave, Miami, Florida (305) 693-0391) has tethered its guard dogs to a fence on their lot as Hurricane Irma threatened the Florida Peninsula on 8-9 Sep 2017. And despite multiple attempts from a concerned public to retrieve and protect their dogs Auto Club of Maimi made NO attempt to rescue those animals.

Is this who you want to trust with selling you anything? A business who shows NO concern for those who CANNOT care for themselves. NOT to mention, the unfortunate animals are tethered to a fence which prevents them from trying to escape from such horrific situation like Hurricane Irma.

Auto Club of Maimi

10220 NW 27th Ave
Miami, Florida
(305) 693-0391

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