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Flexjet Pilots support Our Customers

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This petition is offered to you my fellow Flexjet pilots to show how dissatisfied we are with the recent actions of the IBT 1108. The 1108 took it upon themselves to speak for our pilot group in a letter addressed to our customers, the very lifeblood of our company. They advertised the pilot group in a negative manner that is not at all reflective of our group as a whole. I feel so strongly that the Unions letter to our customers was both misrepresenting of our pilots and excessively inappropriate. I am writing this petition to denounce the 1108s actions and offer you the opportunity to show our dedication to our customers and their privacy. By signing this letter we are reaffirming our total commitment to provide them with nothing less than the very best in customer service, safety and efficiency. We take pride in Flexjet and the professionalism we display on a daily basis. We would never do anything to break that trust or degrade the customer relationships we value. Insinuating a reduction in any facet of customer service is inaccurate and displays a lack of professionalism that the pilot group would never allow. Please join me in denouncing the actions of the 1108 and in supporting the sentiment of Flexjet pilots for Our Customers. We are a dedicated group of professionals who refuse to get caught up in the strong arm tactics of the 1108 and wishes to express our support for the customers who provide our livelihood. This action in which the 1108 professed concerns on behalf of a group they never so much as consulted to our cherished client base will have no positive effects. The Union is acting in their own interests and there is no possible way that a loss of business, which can potentially total numbers in the millions, could be in the best interest of our pilot group. This is not Delta airlines where a customer comes back next month when the turmoil is over. A customer lost to a competitor may not be available to us for up to five years. That's literally millions of dollars of business. The James Hoffa stamp at the top of the letter does not make it all OK! I am outraged that these strong arm tactics were used and our pilot group was affiliated with such a burn the place down attitude. We are better than that and would never allow our client base to be addressed in such a manner. This cannot go unanswered we have to show that this is not the way we do business. Pro Union or Pro company it does not matter. Let us show our dissatisfaction with the use of such tactics as this. Our first order of business is to protect and value our clients. No clients no jobs.

Signing this petition shows our dedication to our clients and denounces the choice of the IBT 1108 to send such letters to those who ultimately provide our families incomes. Please join me.

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