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Rural King in Gainesville, FL sells rabbits from breeders even after Managers Jennifer Britt and Bob Lavender have publicly stated they will hold animal adoptions in their store. There are no responsible pet breeders because all breeder-pet moms are forced to stay pregnant, then feel the pain and loss of having their babies taken from them litter after litter after litter. For Rural King’s profit. Breeding pets is inherently cruel because of this and it doesn’t matter how “well” they are cared for. By selling bred pets, Rural King is contributing to and condoning continuous animal cruelty. We will be calling, writing, contacting them online and protesting their Gainesville store until they hold regular pet adoptions. They can partner with experienced local shelters and rescues to offer several types of pets.

Gainesville Rabbit Rescue says, "Rabbits are the 3rd most often killed animals in shelters because there are so many bred." IT WOULD BE SO EASY FOR RURAL KING IN GAINESVILLE FLORIDA TO KEEP THEIR WORD TO THE PUBLIC BECAUSE THERE ARE RESCUES NEARBY FOR REGULAR ADOPTION EVENTS!

- Right now in Florida there are 1000s of rabbits ready for adoption!     

- Right now in Florida there are 100s of pigs ready for adoption!
- Right now in Florida there are 1000s of birds and chickens ready for adoption!

Rural King in Gainesville FL has the opportunity to put an end to the continuous cycle of animal cruelty by partnering with local rescues and shelters to provide the community with a regular and large selection of pets. They have even advertised that they will be doing this in their Gainesville store, but, so far the only choice they have made is to purchase bred pets while 1000s are available for adoption. With rabbit and other rescues so close by, this choice is unconscionable.  Managers Jennifer Britt and Bob Lavender, do the right thing. Contact rabbit rescues NOW to start adoption events (the rescues are experienced and will help you) as you told our community you would.


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