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Five Guys Fries for Nut Allergy Sufferers

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The aim of this petition is to put pressure on Five Guys to offer nut free alternatives for their fries.

Five Guys fry their fries in refined peanut oil, now legends say that super refined peanut oil shouldn't contain the proteins that are so deadly to nut/peanut allergy sufferers. But, when the risk could equal DEATH, I doubt you'd offer to put that to the test.

Five Guys do not cook all their food in peanut oil, as they claim their burgers are safe for nut allergy sufferers to enjoy (apart from accounts of reactions from nut sufferers stating otherwiseee), so why are they unable to prepare a batch of nut-free fries upon request?

This sad story also doesn't stop at nut allergy sufferers, if you happen to be dating someone with a nut allergy, or have a family member with a nut allergy. Don't think about giving them a little peck after chowing down on some Five Guys fries, as that can cause them to have a reaction. The proteins stay present in your saliva hours after eating nuts, even if you brush your teeth. 

See how much hassle this causes? Wouldn't it just be easier if Five Guys offer fries cooked in nut free oil? Easier than taking a detour to Mc Donald to pick up some fries to go with your Five Guys burger. (FYI, if I ask Mc Donalds for salt free fries they prepare a new batch for me no problem.. your move Five Guys)

We now live in a world where you can't go into a restaurant without them shouting at you that they offer gluten free alternatives. It seems a bit... old fashioned that Five Guys don't offer a nut free alternative to their famous American side.

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