Save the Fitness Connection Swimming Pool 2018

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Save our Pool!

On March 13, 2018 a sign was posted in the Fitness Connection Health Club in Greenville, NC saying that the pool will be closed this summer.  That they are researching the option of demolishing the pool to make room for more parking. Many are cancelling their memberships. People feel cheated and taken advantage of.  

This is disappointing for many members:

  • Families depend on this pool in hot summer months as a safe environment to take their children
  • Members use the pool for water aerobics and lap swim.
  • Many members chose this club solely because of the pool feature.
  • Some members pay an entire years membership just to use the pool for 3 months.
  • Many registered in January with the understanding their membership included the use of the pool in the summer.
  • Pool staff rely on this source of summer income.

This pool is the gem of Greenville in the summer.  It is where families go to spend time with friends and family in a safe environment.  It is where our kids learn to swim.  It is where we have our birthday parties.  The slide and zero entry features are the only ones in town. Many work out in the club before heading to the pool on a summer day.  Others work out in the pool during lap swim and water aerobics classes.  

We understand that parking is an issue but other options need to be explored.  We urge those that have decision making power to re-examine the demo of the pool for what it will do to the club and the community.

Pave paradise and put up a parking lot? ~Joni Mitchell/Counting Crows

In addition to signing this petition, please write/call the Fitness Connection Corporate office to express your thoughts. 281-931-6609