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Fish & Wildlife Service: Stop putting non-native / non-migratory species such as parrots on the US Endangered Species Act

When a non-native / non-migratory species such as a parrot is added to the ESA it can no longer be traded in interstate commerce without federal captive breeding permits (difficult to get even for breeders). The laws in 28 states that automatically adopt the ESA with their own restrictions prevent these birds from being placed or kept in pet homes or rescues. Aviculture maintains a genetic ark for most species of parrots, and they are thriving with breeders and in pet homes. When species can no longer be sold to pet homes or across state lines without extensive permits, the local markets become saturated and breeders stop breeding. Many states make it illegal for these species that are now in happy pet homes to remain in those homes, and illegal for them to be transported within or across their states. There is almost no poaching or smuggling into the US any more, and international trade is restricted through CITES and the Wild Bird Conservation Act. When making decisions about foreign species populations, they should also consider the captive population counts. All putting these species on the Endangered Species Act does is stop the captive bird trade in these species and eventually lead to significant reductions in their numbers in the USA. Why are foreign species on the ESA at all? Let us keep raising these threatened and endangered birds and keep the genetic ark robust in the US. Let us keep our pets. EXCLUDE FOREIGN SPECIES FROM THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT!

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    Dan Ashe (Director of Fish & Wildlife Service)

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