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Improvement in service of First bus company in leeds

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I’m customer of First since last January (2017). I need First’s Service to get my job every day, Monday to Friday, and sometimes weekend. Usually, I take 4 buses per day and I would be happy if the buses were on time, and If the buses would come. In my opinion, there are some points that, as a user, the company could improve being that 'First' is the company which cover the main transport Leeds' net.

-Frequent. I think is not enough between 6pm and 8pm

-Clean. Sometimes the buses are plenty of mess. (including the sits)

-Good condition of the buses. The buses could be better as for example, no leaks.

-Suggestions to improve:

            -If one bus has to stay in a bus stop at a certain time, and It isn’t but another one is passing ‘Not in service’, and there are costumers at the beginning of the line, the Not in service bus could getting closer the user to another busy stop where people can take another option.

            -If one bus doesn’t  come on time, and the street is not available in one section, the company should to warn in any ways, to relocate the users.

For this reason, I ask for the support of citizens to request First that their labor problems do not affect the users.


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