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Finish the road construction in Malaubang, Ozamiz City

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Roads are important parts in a society especially in big cities as it allows individuals to travel utilizing different means including cars, and motorcycles. These makes a crucial distribution to economic development and growth, and bring important social benefits. They are of vital importance to make a nation grow and develop.

However, nothing lasts forever. Several factors and variables cause the wear and tear of these roads. It could be caused by calamities such as typhoons and earthquakes. In some cases, the road naturally degrades making it unsafe for vehicles to use thus requiring the city officials to repair the roads

 There are also some instances where roads are not continued and some portions are not finished making it difficult especially for small vehicles to travel.


Since roads are important to the community, effort must be done to maintain, repair, or continue these as early and fast as possible without sacrificing the quality. However, that the case in the city of Ozamiz and parts nearby. There are portions of the roads heading to the boulevard in Malaubang that has not been continued for more than two years. It becomes a nuisance to both owners of vehicles and passengers especially during rainy days. It causes inconvenience to travelers and to people living in the area. The purpose of this petition is to voice out that the continuation of the roads is taking too long. This aims to utilize the power of the people in the democratic society to alert the city government that the roads have never been finished and should be finished.


The road in Malaubang, Ozamiz City has never been finished for more than two years. It is taking too long to finish and will never be continued. The main complaint is that the city has never acted to continue these roads and have been ignoring it.

The completion of the roads leads to great opportunities to both the citizens of the barangay and the people who plan to travel. The roads are connected to far areas of the city thus making it more convenient for everyone.


The petition requires the full support of the individuals of the city especially those who are near the location. These are the people who fully experienced the hardships because of the incomplete roads.

This action requires no funding nor commodities except for the support in social media and of the petition site.


For more information, contact Sofia Loren Trangia, the head of the action.


Contact No.: 09460019645

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