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Paypal will take 18% from your total payments

Cyril Gupta
Noida, India

Sep 4, 2017 — I have real bad news guys. In a support chat one of our people was able to get a clarification from Paypal that the 18% GST would be deducted on the entire amount, and not just their charges.

This really creates an even more explosive situation.

On one hand, Paypal will take 18% GST from you already, and on the second, you have to register and give the GoI 18% GST (that you need to claim a refund for later), or file exemption.

So in effect, you could be losing 36% of your revenues on arrival, with no clarity on refunds at all because you don't have FIRCs yet.

This issue is now more urgent than ever.

A potentially explosive situation.

Picture attached.


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