Get Square Enix Business Division 2 to Release Ebony Level Editor for FFXV Windows Edition

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Get Square Enix to Release Ebony Level Editor for FFXV Windows Edition


We're all very sad of the announcements that have been made recently during the Second Anniversary Stream, sad that it's the end of new content, however, the worst part of these announcements for me is the cancellation of PC support, including, apparently, the promised modding tools and level editor. In PAX 2018, Square promised the whole community that they will be providing mod support and by Fall 2018, a level editor called Ebony Level Editor will be released.

Modding was a big part of the marketing of this Windows Edition, a lot of us bought this version mainly for this purpose, it was part of that promised package for the windows edition content, it got delayed over and over, and now it seems like we will never see it.

It's really sad to give up on such a powerful tool, because this could have made Final Fantasy XV so much more, just take a look at Bethesda games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls, good modding support can keep your game alive for years if not decades beyond its release, and for all of us who enjoy Final Fantasy XV, full modding support could have turned this game into something we'd keep playing and looking at for several years, it would really transform the potential of this game and would be a thing on the long term.

Without these tools, it's just the end, one more DLC and then we can say goodbye to Final Fantasy XV completely. It doesn't have to end like that, it can be something bigger.

Video of Ebony Level Editor in action:

So please, try to release the modding tools and level editor anyway if you can, they seemed to be quite advanced already in the videos we've seen a few months ago now, maybe they're actually almost finished and actually usable? Even if they are not polished, buggy, whatever, we would still be really interested in these and it would be a really huge thing for the FF XV community and the future content around this game.

Don't release it officially on Steam if you fear it's not stable enough for that, be please make it available in some other way either in your website or some other offsite mirror long enough for the community to thrive, it would be a huge waste to kill so much potential, to waste something that has already been worked on for so long.

I hope other people will make their voices heard, and that we all wish for the same thing, no matter what we can get, it's still better than nothing.


This is our last hope, people to ensure that this community and fans are still within reach of enjoying this franchise that we know and love. We are asking you, Square, this will be the saving grace of this wonderful game that we all love and care. We will continue on the legacy, stories, happy endings and laughters that the Chocobros shared and bonded throughout the FFXV saga. Join this petition for a new ray of hope and together we will get through this.

This is truly the Final Fantasy for Fans and First Timers. This is not the end. 

Walk tall, my fellow Glaives, there still hope left for us all.


Links to news of releasing the level editor promised at PAX 2018 to be released by Fall 2018:


Roughly translated:




このような強力なツールをあきらめるのは本当に悲しいことです。これはファイナルファンタジーXVをこれ以上のものにすることができたため、FalloutやElder ScrollsのようなBethesdaのゲームを見て、良いmoddingサポートで数年間ゲームを生き残り、ファイナルファンタジーXVを楽しんでいる私たち全員、完全なモディングサポートは、このゲームを数年間プレーして見ているものに変えた可能性があります。このゲームの可能性を変え、長期的には問題になります。



できるだけ早く改造ツールをリリースしてください。数ヶ月前に見たビデオで既にかなり進んでいるようですが、実際にはほとんど完成していて実際に使えるかもしれません。たとえ研磨されていなくても、何でも、我々はまだこれに本当に興味があり、FF XVコミュニティとこのゲームの将来のコンテンツにとっては本当に巨大なものになるでしょう。