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Show care to street dogs, Don't let selfish activities clog.

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Dogs are conventionally known to be a man's best friends. In the Philippines, dogs are very abundant but there is this prejudice treatment between street dogs and the western breed ones. Street dogs are abused, ignored, and worst, being eaten. People tend to not care about their welfare but the western breed ones are being treated very special. Street dogs deserve to be treated fairly. Even if they do not have the same intellect as us, they still have emotions, they are not numb, they can feel pain. The pain of hunger, being homeless, abused and being ignored are things we, humans, also feel. Caring for street dogs is not expensive. We, Filipinos, could start on giving our food leftovers to them. We could make them our own pets and at least, they could have something that they can call home. Or we could make organizations that would not allow selfish people to abuse and eat those poor dogs through monitoring barangays. The Philippine government is also being called to act and enforce activities that would more protect the welfare of our street dogs. There are a lot of ways to bring fair treatment to them. The expensive breed dogs and the ones you see on the streets are just the same. All kinds of dogs deserve to be treated equally.  Eradicate your prejudice thoughts, show care and don't let your selfish insights clog.

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