Preserve History of Malate Church

Preserve History of Malate Church

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What is the Malate Catholic Church?

The Malate Catholic Church also known as Our Lady of Remedies Parish is a Catholic Church in Malate, Manila Philippines. It has a Baroque Neo-Mudejar architecture and it was first designed by the Augustinians then later remodeled and rebuilt by the Columban fathers. It was first established 1591 by the Augustinians during the Spanish Colonial period of the Philippines.

Throughout the years, the Church was destroyed and rebuilt due to disasters and wars that occurred during the Spanish occupation, British occupation, WW2 and Japanese occupation. The present church we see today is only a reconstruction which was built around 1950 and only has a few remnants of the original church such as the bells.

To learn more about the history of the church visit their official website:

Malate Church

For additional information and visuals of the Church, we recommend:

Nicerio Adventures of Malate Church

What is this petition for?

This petition aims in aiding the conservation and restoration of Malate Church. You can help by donating money towards the effort, visiting the church yourself to experience an aspect of our culture or by spreading awareness of the effort.

Currently the church is running a project called Vision 20/20 March of The Thousands which aims to restore damaged sections of the church and construct improvements around it to prevent further deterioration while maintaining the original aesthetic of the church. To learn more about the project, please visit their website.

By signing this petition you agree to inform yourself about the Malate Church and promote the church so that its story and cultural impact will continue to enrich our fellow Filipinos for generations to come.

Why did we set up a Petition?

As one of our members was a former student of the school of Malate Catholic School, he was taught: the history of the church, how it was used by the British as a headquarters, how it was destroyed, right after and etc.

The church itself went through plenty of tribulations whether they be natural disasters or military occupation and that history is worth learning about, and so his school oriented him to preserve and promote the history of the church.

As he looked towards his block mates at Mapua Univesity of Makati, most of them do not even know the history of the church or even aware of Malate Church.

So because we were given the opportunity in our course, Readings in Philippine History, he wanted us to try to preserve a piece of history in the Philippines which he held dear to his heart.

We agreed on promoting the awareness of Malate Church as fellow students and inform more people about it and contribute the preservation of the History of the Philippines.

As students from Mapua University of Makati. This is why we set up this petition. In order to promote and preserve the History of the Malate Church and by extension, the history and culture of the Philippines.

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At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!