To give the people of Rosyth and South West Fife their waterfront back by making the area mixed use.

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The reason this is important is that the waterfront at Rosyth has three stunning bridges right on its doorstep with one of the bridges is a World Heritage Site.

Rosyth & South West Fife needs access to this waterfront so it can utilize these stunning views of the three bridges.The waterfront could be an amazing gateway to Fife if it was used for leisure and tourist attractions.

The waterfront development could benefit from tourists and also locals who would visit the site if it was developed for leisure and tourism. Tourism accounts for 3% of Scotland economic output and Rosyth is well based right next to the capital city of Edinburgh which could attract visitors over the bridge.Tourists spend over four billion pounds per year visiting Scotland so if the waterfront was developed for leisure and tourism we would benefit from that.

We just need to look around Scotland to see what a success a waterfront development could be, look at what is happening in Dundee and what Glasgow City Centre waterfront has done by building massive leisure complex like the Hydro and Dundee building the V&A. We also just need to look along the road at Falkirk to see what a piece of wasteland can be turned into by building the Helix Park and the iconic Kelpies which have been a massive success for Falkirk and the surrounding area.

So please SIGN this petition if you would like the waterfront to be turned into an amazing gateway into Rosyth and South West Fife instead of the wasteland it is at the moment. The area has been promised port related industries for the last seven years with nothing happening on the site.

This petition is being sent to Fife Council and the Scottish Government regarding the updated Fife Plan