FIFA please enforce Fair Play!! Never again a #Neymarchallenge behavior in the World Cup

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Dear @FIFAcom / @FIFAWorldCup ,



Russia 2018 World Cup just ended, I was there and I totally agree that it was the best World Cup that I remember. Now is time to identify areas of improvement for next tournaments, I have one suggestion: enforce the Fair Play rules, specifically eradicate from Football the exaggerated and simulated fouls, avoid deceives and lies during the games.


When players try to, and usually, fool the referees that is not Fair Play, but sadly is was very common during Russia 2018 matches. I know exaggerate fouls now is “part of the game”, please not anymore. Not anymore because now we, the audience, can see very clearly the lies from some player thanks to the high-definition-super-slow motion replays and thanks to the hundreds of amateurs videos transmitted in real time or uploaded on social media. Fake or exaggerate a foul to deliberately stop the game for minutes and then come back to play in seconds is sometimes insulting, even if the player is a member of our team. Have in mind that virtually the 736 World Cup players are an example for the kids all over the world, lie to the referees and to the audience should not be a behavior that FIFA encourage to repeat.


Fake and/or exaggerate fouls should be as flagrant as the use of the hands, you need to create and enforce new rules to stop this and make the players and couches be very careful with this violation as now they are with the things they say on the field, I mean years ago they didn’t need to cover they mouths to avoid people noticing what they are sayings, guess what? We can notice the fake pain faces and exaggerated screams!! 


I really hope you, FIFA, start the change in the Fair Play rules to make the game cleaner and honorable again. Is very sad that 2018 World Cup will be remember for the #Neymarchallenge as the epitome of the deceives during the Cup, but Neymar was not alone in this department, it happened a lot, there were deceives even in the final game while 1,000,000,000 - one thousand million – people were watching replays at home.


You already showed us that you can improve the game with goal line technology and the VAR (applause!), now you can analyze and apply new rules to enforce Fair Play, here are some examples:


Stop the clock while a player is “in pain”. Good but not enough because sometimes the objective of faking is to break other team’s rhythm.
If a player stays on the ground for more than one minute then he needs to be, by rule, five minutes outside the field in “recovery”
Without interrupting the game, VAR will review all the fouls that stop the match, if VAR found a player is faking/exaggerating a foul, they would tell the referee to apply a red card to the player. Other option is take the points away from the player’s team

This examples may sound crazy, crazy as the Offside rule, the 3 points to the winner, paint white foam lines on the flied, and of course the VAR. Surely you can find a better way to enforce Fair Play, just please start looking for it.


Football is the most beautiful sport in the world, please make it also the most honorable and FAIR one! The billions of fans and consumers will appreciate the gesture.




Alexandro Cortes and



PS: If @FIFAcom / @FIFAWorldCup does not start the change, maybe you @UEFA, or you @CONMEBOL will do. Or maybe you @premierleague or you @LALiga could set the example. Also you @FCBarcelona, @Juventusfc or @FCBayern would lead this change. Surely you can do it @Chivas, you already are an example for playing only with Mexicans players, well you can play only with Mexicans players that never fake a foul to deliberately consume time.