Investigate & invalidate Referee Mark Geiger Colombia vs England - World Cup Russia 2018

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FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia:
Matchday 16 - Colombia vs England

Referee: Mark GEIGER (USA)


This petition comes first as a response for the inappropriate selection of a referee with a bias for this match; second, as a response to the irresponsibility for the FIFA to select a referee with the history of controversy and favoritism as GEIGER And to the controversial decisions taken by the referee during the aforementioned world cup match between Colombia vs England.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is the first to use the VAR technology and football fans around the globe had big hopes for the impact it can have on the transparency and fairness of the game.

Due to the alleged claims concerning the bias in the referee's judgement, invalid penalty favoring England, invalidarint a goal by Bacca - experts agree that this goal was valid, ignoring all the fouls against Colombian planers including a kick to the head against Colombian team’s captain Falco, excessive and unjust use of yellow cards against the Colombian team and allowing an extra change of players by England.  Therefore, we, the signatories of this petition, cordially ask from FIFA to:


1) Investigate the neutrality in judgement of the referee, Mr. Geiger, as well as the rest of the refereeing corps (including the people in charge of VAR who are supposed to call the referee for review). The FIFA as the highest authority of this tournament who has to watche all the mistakes made in this game.  

2) Ban GEIGER from being a refee for any any further World Cup matches as he clearly is not capable of handelinf a game of this magnitude. 

3) Ban GEIGER from being a refee for ANY professionals soccer marches. - he ha as questionable reputation with MLS and previous World Cups.

4) Investigate the alleged claims held against the referee for favoring England.

5) Review the invalidated goal by Bacca and all the ignored fouls made against Colombian players, kick to the head against Colombian team’s captain Falco and excessive use of yellow cards against the Colombian team (6). The most yellow cards in a single game in this World Cup. 

6) Review and take the appropriate action due to the extra player change by England (4 player changes).

7) Incorporate better vetting processes when choosing referees for events such as the World Cup.

8) Prohibits that a situation like this by prohibiting the selecting of a referee with any obvious bias for any game. 

*The controversial decisions include, but are not restricted to, the penalty awarded to England and the 4th player change by England and the invalidated goal by Colombian Player Carlos Bacca. Every expert in soccer and sports sections in many major newspapers around the world, today agree that the referee favored England in every way.