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KINDER JOY : Let children decide what toys they want regardless of Gender.

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When kinder joy was first introduced it was Kinder Joy RED with a surprise toy in one half and a tasty treat in the other. It was quite an enjoyable and an innocent treat.

But a few years ago, Kinder joy launched  Kinder joy for Girls in Pink color, and Kinder Joy for Boys in blue color and the most disturbing part about those surprise toys where the fact that, Kinder made the decision that Girls should just play with barbies and Hello kitties A.K.A sugar and spice and all that's nice while Boys should play with Cars and Avengers and Transformers A.K.A Everything that is snails and nails and puppy dogs tails. 

I'm glad, growing up i had the freedom to decide what i liked, instead of being told what i should like because of my gender. So i had the freedom to grow up as a girl who collected Pokemon cards and loved the transformers as much as i loved barbie and the Winx club.

Whenever i see Kinder Joy's advertisement that says that THE TRANSFORMERS ARE FOR BOYS and BARBIES ARE FOR GIRLS ( In the year 2017! ) there is something there that is so inherently wrong that it's unsettling.  Even though barbie has long broken the stereotype as a damsel in distress to a strong independent 21st century career woman, I feel sad that we are still not letting Toys be toys and kids be kids. 

When the company was questioned about the gender bias, they said in a statement: "We do not advocate or promote our products as gender specific. Instead, Kinder Surprise Pink and Blue offers a range of interesting new toys in colored eggs which help parents navigate the toy ranges on offer and make purchasing decisions based on what is most relevant for their child."

This statement is clearly wrong as the company is simply creating a mere illusion of choice, and I believe our kids deserve better than some multi national company deciding their toys based on their gender by creating the illusion that boys and girls love different things. Boys and girls do not have to love different things  and it should be up to them, and not their gender to decide what they want to play with.

Kinder Joy is just reinforcing outdated and dangerous stereotypes in young children and it is a huge step backwards! We really need Kinder joy to withdraw this range and bring back the gender neutral Kinder Joy Red so that we can promote equality in the young generation and not teach children outrageous gender biases and gender roles.

(Dear all, I encourage you to stop buying your kids these sexist products and Let toys be Toys and Children be Children.)




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