Fernando Alonso back to Ferrari!

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Back in November 2014 the news of Sebastian Vettel joining Ferrari was made official. For some this was a shock, even when this was the worst kept secret of the last decade. Vettel had been having his worst season ever, and yet Ferrari was willing to give up Alonso. Who, as you all know, is considered as the best driver of this generation. Four years later, both Ferrari and Alonso should look back at this decision with regret. Ferrari now has a car which is not only a lot more faster then in 2014, but can actually fight for winning the championship. With Kimi Raikkonen far from the driver which impressed 10-12 years ago, and with Sebastian Vettel who did not prove he was able to cope with the pressure of performing at his best when needed, we want to see Fernando Alonso back in a competitive red car. With him and another good driver, Ferrari could win both titles in 2019!