Fender, we want stainless steel frets!

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Stainless steel frets play with great smoothness. When installed properly and polished, they shine like mirrors and will remain shiny for decades because they are stainless. They play very slick and have a silky feel, and make string bending incredibly easy. They far outlast nickel frets and are virtually permanent -- in most instances, you will never wear them out and so your guitar will have a permanent, enduring fret job.

Eddie Van Halen said himself : “The stainless-steel frets were a major breakthrough, because of the amount of playing and bending that I do. I have to get my guitars refretted every couple of months." As Steve Morse, and most of MusicMan signatures guitars, Suhr guitars, Charvel Guthrie Govan, Jackson Signature Guitars, and most high end luthiers.

That's why we want stainless steel frets on every American Made Fender guitars, or at least a stainless steel frets option, in order to avoid expensive refret job ($300-400) compared to average price of a fender guitar.

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