Treat all dogs equally

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Somerset Village (WI) has an ordinance that singles out an entire breed of dogs (our beloved pit bulls); making them illegal regardless of their behavior, rather than addressing all breeds equally and dealing with dogs that have actually done something wrong. The ordinance goes so far as to making any dog that "looks like" a pit bull unlawful. This outdated thinking is impacting families of Somerset Village and not the Township, so neighbors could have different rules to adhere to and you could be walking down the street and cross that line.

This breed specific legislation does not come close to solving the problem it intended to- safety. Somerset residents should have measures that keep them safe, regardless of the breed. I have given suggested language changes to the Board (the decision-makers). I need your help showing community support for an ordinance that deals with vicious dog behavior, regardless of breed and doesn't single out an entire breed.

It is not the breed that is the problem and we all know that nowadays. My children are helping me, going door to door with this petition as we are about to lose our (ever so sweet) 7 month old puppy, Ragnar. I want to set a good example for them about standing up for what is right. Our dog has done no harm and is so sweet; just a baby really. We were given 30 days to get rid of him due to someone identifying him as a pit bull to authorities. We have lived in Somerset for 8 years and had a pit bull the entire time, until she recently passed away. We love the breed and our puppy. Please sign and show community support for the changes we would like to see the board adopt.

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