FIFA should be involved to ensure fair election for the Iraqi Football Association

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Election for the Iraqi Football Association will be held in May 2018. The current president of the association with few members made changes to the legislations that stop most of the Iraqi Football well respected stars from being nominated to the election.

Based on these changes seven nominations for the membership of the association were rejected.

The famous Iraqi player Adnan Derjal's nomination for the position of the president was rejected.

Now, there is only one nominee for the president position. The nominee is the current president Abid Al-Khaliq Masoud.

There is only one nominee for the vise-president position and surprisingly he is the same current one.

The process is clearly unfair. The results of the election are known already. The same current members and their president will stay for another term.

 There is a lot of talk about the use of bribes, political influence and  threats to achieve such changes.

Few days ago, the head of the election comittee ( Mohammed Kahtan) resigned as a protest against the pressures that was put on the comittee. Despite this resignation the current Association is determined to proceed with the election.


Millions of Iraqi fans are concerned about this. Time is ticking and the election if will be held in this way it will be extremely unfair.

We would like the FIFA to press on the current Iraqi Football Association to ensure fair and democratic election and to allow nominations for all the positions.