WIFE SCHOOL PETITION: Shut down of BOTH Rokisha Eloris Cutno websites.

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WIFE SCHOOL PETITION: Shut down of BOTH Rokisha Eloris Cutno websites.

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Yelkha Eppe started this petition to Federal Trade Commission and

Rokisha Eloris Cutno has sought out for many years to prey on and take advantage of women and men who were only looking to help their families, through her $30,000 wife school program that she has used to get wealthy. During this time she has dealt money under the table, masking her business as a family run donation spot to get wealthy. She has promised people courses and products that she did not deliver after collecting money from her customers. She has deactivated her members courses that they have paid their hard earned money for then forcing over and over to provide her with proof that they paid, she has blocked many members and run off with their money after they have provided this proof. She has sat on products that people have paid for, for weeks and often months. She has run off with her members money after they have asked her to provide them what they paid for, and then ranting on social media about how she does not care that a customer has paid her that she will block them if they try to get their products when they want it, because everyone is on her time.


She has set up a wife school mentorship program, with many women who have paid hundreds of dollars to get mentored but only to be met with the mentors ignoring them and not providing mentorship services, however, still collecting funds.


She has threatened people with black listing them from her movement people who have paid their hard earned money, many paid thousands, if they question her, ask her for products they paid for, don’t make public apologies to her and her mentors, give her a less than perfect review of her products and teachings, has a business that she feels might be in competition with something she is doing, talks down on her members, the LGBT community, single mothers, children from single parent homes, those who are not wealthy, rich and more, there has been no end to her disrespect and thievery!


For too long women and men have been afraid to come forward and stand up to her, out of fear, because they have spent thousands of their hard earned money, have provided her with their addresses, ID’s, and other sensitive information that she makes members submit before joining, and they have feared that she would use all of this against them if they speak up, and black list them from her movement to be out thousands of dollars.


Members of her organization have posted ex members Drivers licenses online for the public to see, if the member does not fall in line with what they are told, or if they do not agree.


She informs her mentors to collect money from customers under the table through PayPal by having funds sent as family and friends and not as goods and services. This allows them to avoid giving refunds, and the legalities of a legit business. She has stated that she is moving off of PayPal and social media into a new app and new payment system to escape the legalities of business, America and Facebook. It is only obvious that she has continued her under the table dealing within her new website and app that she uses as her own social media platform to promote.


Rokisha Eloris Cutno has stalked, harassed and even threatened her own members. She has given members ultimatums that they either must choose her side or get booted after they have spent thousands.


We have begun our reports to the Federal Trade Commission to have her BlackwealthU.com, her rootsofroyals.com and her mobile app shut down, all her accounts and PayPal’s that she is using to take money shut down


We are petitioning fro ALL the women and men who did not feel they could come forward before.


We are petitioning for ALL the single mothers who have had their hard earned money stolen


We are petitioning for ALL military spouses, veterans, and those who are still active who have had their money stolen by her


We are petitioning for ALL the women who have been threatened by her


We are petitioning for ALL the money that was lost to products NEVER received


We are petitioning for ALL the money lost to mentorship never received or ignored


We are petitioning for ALL those who she made feel wasn’t good enough to become someone important


We are petitioning for ALL those who have been slandered by her


We are petitioning for anyone who got deceived


We are petitioning to SHUT HER DOWN, both of her websites and app


We are petitioning for money stolen to be RETURNED!


We are petitioning for EVERYONE who is confused about whom to turn to get help. Learn from what we went through with her, its not worth it, there are other honest organization that can help you.


We are petitioning for all the young women who may have found her and are on the fence about giving her their hard earned money


We are petitioning to expose her lies,


This HAS to stop. Many women and men go to here with open hearts seeking real change to repair their marriages and build happy families, only to be mistreated and stolen from


We are calling for ACTION, for CHANGE, for the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center to take ACTION and shut her sites and app DOWN, and prevent anyone else from having their money stolen!




Join with us and the victims by signing this petition to have BOTH her websites blackwealthU, rootsofroyals and her app shut down, so NONE of this happens to anyone ever again!


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This petition had 943 supporters

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