Ban Live Animal Exports

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.For many years the horrific conditions for live animal exports have been known about and ghastly film and photos shown, both of conditions on board the ships and the treatment of animals when they finally arrive at  their destination.

.The various organisations supposedly in charge of supervising and imposing humane conditions have demonstrated for years they are toothless tigers and have little or no control over their areas of responsibility.

.This trade is a small part of our export industry, when banned will do little economic damage to us and the present practices can be replaced by more humane and economically viable arrangements with very little effort.

.The humane killing of animals within Australia will be easier to supervise and will give much needed employment in many outback areas.

.Abattoirs can also practise particular requirements for various cultures with no great effort required.

.For the minister and farmers to express their horror and shock as though they were completely unaware of the appalling conditions, which have gone on for many years, is a bit hard to accept and smacks of being forced to make some kind of statement acceptable to the wider community, when previously nothing was done.

.Finally, this week, the WA minister was informed of a shipload of animals already suffering in the kind of conditions we are now only too familiar with before the ship left port and ALLOWED THE SHIP TO SAIL. What on earth was she thinking? What does this say about our government policies?

.To talk about an enquiry or stronger controls or a suspension is not enough --there has to be a total ban, as soon as possible.