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To receive funding for a Pet Owning Homeless Emergency Shelter

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Please if you want to know more about this follow my Facebook page at Tristas mission: to end the suffering of homeless in our community .Ontario needs a shelter for pet owning homeless individuals. The shelter will be for pet owing homeless people, families, men, women and youth. The major problem for a homeless person is housing. Many shelters, motels and other assisted housing programs do not allow pets on their property, due to health department restrictions, and safety of the others they serve. The individuals that own pets end up living on the streets due to lack of affordable housing and housing that allows pets. These pets are their only friends and family, the only way that many experience unconditional love, these pets have saved their lives in many cases. Pets provide a deep comfort, they are non-judgmental, loyal, they provide warmth and security. everyone deserves to be in warm house, but the only way we can decrease the homeless population in London Ontario and Canada is if we have a shelter where most homeless can stay.   The shelter will accommodate 290 beds, three different areas will included, 50 adult beds for men, 50 beds for youth men, 50 beds for adult women, 50 beds for youth women, and 50 for family, 20 crash beds, mental health counselors, an addictions counselors, and many support staff. A crisis hospital, 20 beds just based on detoxing the individual before entering into the more public areas, Nurse Practitioners. There will be group sessions where we help them get back on their feet, learning how to cook for themselves and knowing how to fit back into society. Life skill training and support. They would get three meals a day and have access to the food throughout the day. Support groups will be for addictions, alcohol abuse, anxiety disorders, physical/mental abuse, self-care support group and every other week there will be a meeting with individuals about housing first. Housing first is where we will sit down with them about housing paperwork, connecting with landlords, connecting with OW and ODSP and city of London housing. .Once in awhile the individuals will be coming on a field trip like thing to assist in helping the community. In groups 10-15 people, some of the community things they'll do consist of local tidy ups, volunteering at the food bank, animal shelters, planting trees and sort recycling, I believe f they do community help it will show and teach them that helping people can make a difference in there lives too. the youth boys and girls, women, men, families, non pet owing homeless people and pet owing homeless people will be seperated from each other so everyone feels comfortable. 

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