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Make Sabah-Sarawak independence referendum

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(Untuk orang asing dan orang tidak tahu bahasa melayu menarik, kita akan guna bahasa Inggeris)

In currently, Sabah and Sarawak are part of Malaysia, but look like federal government don't interesting 2 states as well, it's better if Sabahan and Sarawakian will divide from Malaysia?

In the past, Sabah and Sarawak was part of Brunei, but in 1658, Sabah was part of Sulu Sultanate by as gift for helping in Brunei Civil war, 1841, The Sultan of Brunei gave Sarawak to James Brooke, who help him, and James Brooke appointed himself as White King (Rajah Putih) and expand his territory until like today

In 1942 Sabah (then name North Borneo) and Sarawak was occupated by Japan between 1942-1945 after that, Kingdom of Sarawak was dissolved and become to fully british colony, and British North Borneo still as same, but in 1963, british gave it to Malaysia and formation as Federation of Malaysia but malaysia almost don't give anything and want to steal our resource only

We need Sabah and Sarawak make independence referendum for decide future between still as malaysia's states or independence country or becoming part of other countries, but if you don't want sabah and sarawak are part of malaysia anymore, vote for us and yourself


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